About Weety

Weety’s founder, Miguel, wanted to find a durable and eco-friendly reusable cup that didn’t the spoil the taste of hot drinks whilst helping to reduce the amount of disposable cups ending up landfill. He tried different reusable cups available on the market and found there were different drawbacks to each one so he got started on a quest to produce a high quality sustainable cup and that is how Weety was born.
Weety are a proud member of 1% for the planet.

With every reusable cup you buy, you help us reduce single-use plastic consumption. It’s that simple.
Our message is clear:
Beat single-use plastic pollution – because plastic sucks

Deliver durable, functional and stylish, high-quality products

Promote the use of innovative and sustainable plant-based alternatives to petroleum-based plastic products

Raise awareness of how everyone can make a positive contribution by making small changes to everyday habits

Create a global community of like-minded change-makers who want to preserve the planet for future generations!

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