About Manmane

Manmane has been a concept worked upon by the founder Michael Thompson since 2013. We opened in November 2015 after a long tweaking period. Michael combined his passion for nature and cooking and put them to good use creating our concoctions.

We sell plant based beard products, cosmetic solutions, soaps and homeware because there is basically no good reason to include animal derived products in your formulations and animal testing is not required at all. Mike has sported a beard on and off for many years and has been Vegan for some time.This was a personal choice based upon his personal beliefs and he never try’s to force his beliefs on others , his partner Kirsty has recently transitioned to a Vegan lifestyle and they live together happily. Mike’s simple message is if you can use plants to replace animal derived products, why wouldn’t you? Non Vegans are very welcome as this is not purely about diet it’s about ethics and the earths health generally.

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