About g.org.e

Here at g.org.e (Guilt-free Organic Eating Ltd) we are passionate about being guilt-free in every way:

* Our chocolates are guilt-free as they are made with raw, organic superfoods and nothing else. Nothing processed, nothing artificial, no nasties full stop.
*We ethically source our ingredients. They are always fair-trade giving us a guilt-free relationship with international workers too.
* By using organic, sustainable ingredients and fully recyclable packaging, we have a guilt free relationship with the environment.
* Guilt-free business practices? We are small company hand making truffles in small artisan batches with the emphasis on quality and taste rather than just profit.

g.org.e was born from a desire to make the best tasting, healthiest chocolate in the world.  Created within the principle of eating for health without compromising on taste, g.org.e have been hand making these rich, indulgent chocolates for the last five years.

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