For those new to being a Vegan, or thinking about it? It can be daunting for some to make the leap to becoming Vegan. It won’t be long before you are looking at things saying “Milk, in this… really?”

Let us share a very simple starter guide to help you with some of the basics/necessities which can be purchased from your local supermarket. These are some of our favourites at OnlyVe:


Chickpeas- great for bulking up meals and also they taste great!
Tinned tomatoes, beans & lentils
Jackfruit – can be turned into many things and great when trying to avoid meat substitutes
Maple syrup
Pasta (needs to be free from otherwise it has egg in it)
Free from curry sauces for the lazy days


Lots of it and lots of variety!


Veg is also a good one to keep frozen, buy when reduced and cut up into sandwich bags and pop in the freezer
A lot of substitute meats go in the freezer
Some of our favourites are
Linda McCartney: 1/4lbers, Scampi, Sausage rolls, pulled chicken (good to make into tuna for sandwiches!)
Frys Chicken nuggets
Morrisons Vegetable burgers


Mushrooms – great to use as substitute “meat”
Veg: I could list it all but you get the gist
Naturli butter
Shroomdogs (red onion)
Rice/Almond milk are our two faves at OnlyVe
Soya yogurt (Alpro Vanilla tastes like melted ice cream)


Superdrugs own brand products are cruelty free and smell amazing.
Original source shower gel


Biscoff spread (ideally crunchy, you will thank us…your waist…not so much 😉 )
Tesco free from vanilla and caramel ice cream cones
Party rings


Method and Ecover do a variety of cleaning products

This is just the tip of the iceberg on our recommendations, but the important thing to remember is to be kind to yourself. Take your time to let your body adjust, your habits to change and your knowledge to grow. If you look at changing one step at a time, for example spending a few weeks with no red meat and finding the alternative for you. Or replacing milk in your tea for a substitute and allowing your tastebuds time to adapt. It certainly doesn’t have to be an overnight change, and the more time you spend learning what you enjoy most from a vegan diet will set you up for success in the long run. There are so many groups filled with helpful vegans new and old all there to share their wisdom and guidance. We are sure it won’t be long until you’re sharing your tips and recipes with the rest of us.

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