We’re usually all about food but we use vegan products in every aspect of our lives and thought we’d share a few with you. There’s a marvellous online shop called OnlyVe who (if you go and take a look) publish our blog on their page! Very kindly, they have sent us a few blinking gorgeous items to have a look at and they are all so lovely, we thought we ought to tell you about them too ??

To be clear and so we don’t get into any online wars, these were a gift but we didn’t have any obligation to post about it on here ?

The black opium wax melts are sitting on the desk in front of me and smell utterly devine. They are made by Blush Studio, look lovely and honestly if I could waft them in your general direction you would be enthralled!

I’ve always been a little sceptical of deodorant that doesn’t look like the usual rollerball or spray variety (brain washed obviously) but Fit Pit by The Green Woman (bloody brilliant name obvs) is fab. When I first opened it I was tempted to lick it – it smells lovely. Leaves skin feeling silky and smelling marv.

In the current climate, washing our hands seems to have become a national occupation… I love a good soap and these do not disappoint. Made by SudsMK they again smell as though I should be able to eat them, leave my skin feeling soft (even with the East Anglian hard water) and don’t dissolve into nothingness as soon as they get wet.

Have a look at https://onlyve.com/
They have tons and tons of gorgeous vegan products and it’s online so you don’t actually have to breathe near anyone at all if you don’t want to…??


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